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July, 2021

Background on Spotify

With over 350 million daily users, Spotify is one of the most powerful digital music/podcast streaming services available. It provides access to a variety of creators and music genres from all over the world through any device at any time. Although Spotify offers more features through its premium subscription-based service, there is still an ad-supported platform for free to enjoy!


<aside> ⏳ After speaking to avid users of Spotify, I recognized common problems with its current capability: 1) Users are not able to easily share songs and playlists with their friends 2) If they do share music, it is through an external platform in which their recommendations always end up getting buried in other messages



<aside> 👩🏻‍💻 Create a music sharing feature integrated within the mobile player itself as a restricted direct messaging service can take the Spotify experience to the next level.


What will this do?

This new feature will make it easier for users to share their song/playlist recommendations directly to their friends who are also Spotify users. The integrated feature will seamlessly let the user send and listen to the shared music without turning into another social chatting function. As such, the shared songs will also be easily tracked and not buried in normal chat functions.

<aside> ✅ Discover new music (favourite songs are automatically added to liked songs!)


<aside> ✅ Business opportunities for Spotify & creators


<aside> ✅ Send songs/playlists to friends on Spotify itself


<aside> ✅ Easily track the shared music


⭐ As people, we highly value social interaction and human connection as they elevate our life experiences. This new feature on Spotify helps us connect with one another better through the power of music effortlessly!

Business Opportunities

By building this feature in Spotify itself will ensure the user does not require the need of an external software every time they need to share a song with someone who already uses Spotify. In future iterations of this feature, creators can possibly use this system as more feedback (ex. track how many times their song was shared).

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