<aside> ⭐ MINDmap is an app that directly connects users with the professional help that they need.



1. Access to the RIGHT professional mental health therapy and services by being able to filter through important aspects all in one place (ex. insurance eligibility, expenses, gender, specialty)

2. Provides a simple way for consumers to advocate for changes in the healthcare system to their local government officials

3. Tracking system to easily book and view appointments to sustain long-term use

4. Resources readily available to learn more about the issues, direct to online therapy and independent coping exercises

Wireframe of MindMap

Wireframe of MindMap

A walk-through of the app is at 1:53

A walk-through of the app is at 1:53


➡️In 36 hours we prepared a video presentation, UX/UI design and a comprehensive business plan for our project. This was my first time using a UX/UI design software. At first, it seemed tedious and a little confusing, but after watching tons of video tutorials, the process was much smoother and more enjoyable. I'm glad to have been able to start learning a new skill!

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